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Information is available to the Grower as soon as it is uploaded!

The best part is that your data is secure on the cloud, available from anywhere in the world, on any device!

Want more?

Grower Analytics™ has been integrated with Amygdalum™and REACTS Software. Your data is captured automatically with no exporting and uploading necessary.

Data can always be easily uploaded into Grower Analytics™ with Excel generated Comma-Separated Value (.csv) files created or exported from any management software.

But wait, this isn’t just for growers!

View real-time information about sales and production including:
  • Current value of inventory on hand
  • Average sales price being returned to the growers
  • Plant management information including:
    • Pounds received to date
    • Pounds hulled, shelled, sized, run through electronics, and sorted, all filtered by date range and shift
  • Contract and shipping management information including:
    • Shipment schedule and status of each order
    • Pounds from each Grower that have been sold, amount allocated to shipments, and balance left to sell


The best way to get your information is for your Huller/Sheller or Processor to upload the data!

When the data is uploaded by the processor, you will be notified by email each time an update has been posted. Just log in and view the data!

Want more?

Information posted includes:

  • Load information
  • Delivery details, including Paid Wt. (Edible Meat Wt.)
  • USDA or DFA information
  • For those choosing when to sell (Set or Call Contracts), the pounds linked to contracts are reported
  • Processors also have the option to make current prices available

Sending product to multiple processors?

That’s great! All of your data is available to you in one place!

You can even upload previous years’ information using Excel spreadsheets saved as Comma-Separated Value (.csv) files. Your data will be available just like everything else, all in one place! From any device!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my information be safe?

Yes! All data is encrypted when uploaded to the cloud. The data is stored in Microsoft Azure, the most protected cloud storage system in the industry and the choice of over 57% of Fortune 500 companies. Azure was the first cloud provider recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for our commitment to rigorous EU privacy laws and the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018.

My product goes to multiple processors. Will I see all my information?

Yes! All of your information will be available in one place.

Can I see that information from past crop years?

Yes! You can upload information from prior years and it will all be available to you.

I don’t understand how these .csv files work. Why do I need them to upload information?

A .csv file is basically an Excel spreadsheet. We will give you the format the information needs to be in. For example to upload field information, the file will need to contain the following information in this order: block, field, variety, and acres. There is a place in Grower Analytics for you to select that file and upload it. We use .csv files because they are standard and easy to create.

I have suggestions for additional reports. What do I do?

We are always taking suggestions for improving your experience!

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